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Books, Music for the most part…

I guess the reason I am starting to blog is that I have always wanted to find a place to discuss the things that I am reading, listening to, thinking, etc… I never want writing into the digital sea of the internet to ever take the place of talking about these things to my friends, but for some reason I think I enjoy writing. Maybe I even miss writing papers in college. I know that sounds hard to believe, especially for those who are in college, but I think those who know me would understand.

I have always hesitated to start a blog for a couple of reasons. First of all, I admit to not being very disciplined and so I am afraid it will go to waste and just sit there. Secondly, I have never quite felt like I had enough of an opinion to start a blog. It just seems that most people who start a blog have something to say on an issue or matter in which their voice has authority. I don’t think I fit that mold.

In any case, here goes.

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