NieuCommunities: Vancouver!

This fall Amber and I are going on a Road Trip with NieuCommunities to Vancouver, BC!  We are really excited because it is a step in seeking out what God has for us down the road.  The Road Trip is a week long and is a gateway to a larger program with NieuCommunities called an Apprenticeship.  After reading a lot of their information and a couple of conversations with them over the phone and through email, Amber and I feel that God may be leading us there to further prepare us for ministry.  We believe that Vancouver will be an excellent place for God to grow us both as a couple and as individuals.  For me, I would learn to do ministry in an urban, postmodern culture.  For Amber, she would be able to develop her natural ability speaking the Chinese language and work among other cultures.  So the Road Trip is a step in the process of discerning whether or not the Apprenticeship is for us.  Please visit their website and check out the two programs for yourself.

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  1. Hey man, its been a while, but I just wanted you to know that I’m really excited for you both and I hope that this road trip is a transformational and leading time for both of you! Keep me updated an your progress.

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