One Year at Crosspoint!

Wow! I cannot believe we have been here a year already!  Yet, when I slow down and think about everything that has happened it seems hard to believe that it has only been 12 months.  I have learned so much about what it means to do outreach in a community that you truly believe God wants to be a part of.  For anyone not familiar with how we impact our community here in Spring Hill then I recommend reading the book Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren.  It is a paradigm shift in the way we approach evangelism and the community around us.

In honor of our year of service, Crosspoint is sending Amber and I to Disney for two days!  We are excited and have already started planning out what we want to do.  I think we narrowed it down to Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney one day, and Magic Kingdom and Epcot the next!  With plenty of time in between to laze around the resort and pool. Thank you so much to Crosspoint and the staff for this surprise!

So as we enter our second year here in Florida, I will be signing on for another year as an intern.  I will have more of a leadership role within the Outreach ministry and teach alongside Wayne during Outreach meetings.  Amber has completed her intern service and is instead going to volunteer a few hour a week to help Wayne out in the office.

We are very thankful for everything God has shown us here so far and we look forward to everything He has for us this next year!



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2 responses to “One Year at Crosspoint!

  1. Hey man, congrats! I’m excited to here that you’ll be there when I come home. It’s really rad that they’re putting you up at Disney too. How are the preparations going for your Vancouver trip?

  2. One year at Crosspoint…
    one year on the field…
    one year away from HERE!
    I am so proud of you both!
    Greater, I am so blessed knowing that you are there for HIM, not to obtain any human accolades.
    It hurts that you are away from here…but that pain dissipates rapidly as the Holy Spirit reminds me that you are exactly where you are supposed to be!
    Keep listening, trusting, following…
    and we will be faithful to pray for you both!

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