Missional Church…on pause

Unfortunately I am going to have to put my reading of Missional Church on pause.  Fortunately, I accepted a teaching position yesterday!  So between now and then I have to finish two other books.  One is for my internship here at Crosspoint, 11 by Leonard Sweet.  And the other will help me tremendously with my new job, Getting Things Done by productivity guru David Allen.

I still have the goal of reading all of the books I got for Christmas last year before Christmas this year though.  Which means I still need to read Missional Church, The Missional Leader by Alan Roxburgh, and The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard (big one!).

This is definitely going to be one of the toughest semesters Amber and I have gone through.  I fully expect to be stretched farther than ever and would love your prayers.  Somehow between teaching (which as everyone knows is way more than 40 hours a week), my internship at Crosspoint (doing Outreach and College ministry), and spending time with my wife and friends, God will be there teaching me things all along the way…some experiences painful and others truly joyful.

So I end with a quote from one of my new favorite artists, Andy Gullahorn:

“You may let me feel a fraction of Your suffering…but You never let me down, You never let me down.”

Praise God and Go to Peace


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One response to “Missional Church…on pause

  1. Ahhh, but this one thing I know: YOU CAN DO IT!
    I have watched you do everything THROUGH GOD for over 23 years.
    Thus, not in YOURSELF, but in yourSELVES–all 4 of you!
    I am so proud of you!

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