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7 Days and Many Relationships Later

We are back from Vancouver!  I am sorry I didn’t blog while I was there but Amber and I decided not to take a computer with us and pretty much stay disconnected the whole time.  I think our experience was all the better because of it (mainly because I was not able to check sports the whole time!).  So now comes the hard part, trying to put the experience into words.  The only way I can begin to imagine to do so is to blog about it over several posts.  But let me begin by saying this, the experience was far greater than I expected it to be!  

Here We All Are

Here We All Are

These are all of the fellow Road Trippers! From the bottom left:

Kelsey from Dallas, my wife Amber, Heather from Dallas, Colletta from Southern California, Jason from Michigan, me, Jenna & Russ from the U.K.

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