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More Books!!!

Earlier I listed a couple of books that I had received for Christmas.  Following are the rest of the books that I received and hope to read in the coming year:

  • How (Not) to Speak of God by Peter Rollins – already read this one since I got it!  It was excellent and my friend Chris and I plan on creating a discussion group at Starbucks to read through it together and discuss it.
  • The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky – A book that has been highly recommended from several friends.
  • Simply Christian by N.T. Wright – Brad, a friend of mine, has always been a fan of Wright’s so I have wanted to get into his writing.  This may have not been the best book in which to accomplish that goal, but it’ll do.
  • What Would Jesus Deconstruct by John Caputo – Caputo is one of the premier continental philosophers in the U.S. and has always been recommended by one of my former professors.  Speaking of which…
  • Interstices of the Sublime by Clayton Crockett – Dr. Crockett was one of my Religion professors at University of Central Arkansas.  In this text he brings together three modes of thought:  psychoanalytic theory (Lacan & Freud), continental philosphy (Zizek), and theology.
  • The Tangible Kingdom by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay – As I think I have said somewhere on this blog before, I find missional ecclesiology and theology to be very refreshing and challenging.  I am also interested in it because Hugh Halter is involved with Church Resource Ministries, an organization that I have a lot of respect for and would enjoy being a part of (Nieucommunities, who Amber and I went to Vancouver with, is one branch of CRM).
  • Creating a Poverty Free World by Muhammad Yunus – As wierd as this sounds, I have become fascinated by the world of economics.  I still absolutely hate math and numbers, buy when I listen to men like Yunus and Jeffrey Sachs I genuinely believe we have the ability to end poverty if we can get over our greed and move beyond consumer capitalism (I emphasize consumer because I still believe that capitalism is a good system, but can be very destructive in its current form).  Yunus is the founder of Grameen Bank and is one of the men responsible for the micro-lending revolution in third world countries.
  • Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw – My wife and I had the privelege of hearing Shane and Chris speak in Orlando.  When you read this book or hear these men speak you must call into question the role of Christians in politics.  What role do we play?  Why do we constantly seek political power?  And a myriad of other questions.  Perhaps the most challenging book on Church and Politics out there!

So these are the books I will be reading over the next year along with the other two that my wife bought me that I mentioned before Christmas and some other that I have not finished yet (The Divine Conspiracy – hopefully I will make it through that over the summer).  Hopefully I will blog through a few of them because I would love to get some input from others on some of the ideas I will be engaging.

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To Write Love On Her Arms

Last night my friends and I went to the Heavy and Light show hosted by To Write Love On Her Arms at the House of Blues in Orlando.  The show was excellent and would have been worth missing the Chargers game even if they had won!  TWLOHA is a non-profit in Orlando that gives hope and help to people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.  They work closely with bands and often tour spreading their message of hope and love in Christ (though they don’t push it, they let the bands do that!).  If you have never heard of them I strongly suggest that you read their story over at their site.

So here was the lineup:

Zach Williams – opened the night and I was thoroughly impressed!!! I am becoming a bigger and bigger fan of acoustic folk music and Zach’s music will definetly draw me further down that road.

Josh Moore – another acoustic folk man,  Josh bounced around everywhere in the show and was full of energy all night!

Anthony Raneri – the frontman of Bayside brought a different style to the stage.  Much more acoustic punk than folk, he brought more energy to the crowd with some of his faster songs that I know my friends and I were looking forward to.

Dustin Kensrue – THE REASON WE WENT!!!  Since I have lived in Florida we have seen Thrice play twice and now we got to see Dustin play some of his acoustic solo work.  Come All You Weary is one of my favorite songs by Thrice and he opened with it! Great move!

Aaron Gillespie – I am not too much into UnderOath or The Almost – both bands that Aaron is involved in – but he was amazing!!!  Aaron was so full of energy, completely ADD up there!  Extravagant at the end was incredible, his passion and love for Jesus just flowed (as Christiany as that sounds).  The other cool thing is that my friend Chris had a conversation with him in the middle of the show!  Chris yelled “I saw you in Johannesburg” and they talked for a couple minutes – Aaron from the stage and Chris from the crowd!

Jon Foreman – I loved that Jon did not play by himself, he brought in a couple others to play the cello and drums.  Great performance, crowd loved it!

I think the guy Jon had playing the drums was Aaron Weiss from mewithoutYou!  Can anyone confirm that for me?  Chris and I couldn’t get that thought out of our heads the whole night.  Hopefully those boys are recording another album right now!

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