10 Things I Learned from “Killing Cockroaches”

I finished reading Tony Morgan’s Killing Cockroaches a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to get this up.  Morgan works for Newsong Church in Anderson, South Carolina and wrote KC about leadership.  To be honest, the best part about the book was the way it was written.  I love the fact that it reads just like a blog!  No chapters or subheadings, it just flows from “post” to “post”.  As for the content, here are:

10 Nuggets from Killing Cockroaches

  1. Tony loves to shop at the Buckle!
  2. I am glad I was not around any church basements in the 1980s to hear Burning Heart!
  3. Personal invitation beats church marketing any day.
  4. Attitudes are contagious, and it should come top down.
  5. The vision must be clear.
  6. Be careful not to load people down – make sure what they are doing in the church is helping them to grow, not burn them out.
  7. Always watch my step in the shower!
  8. Be vulnerable in your messages.
  9. Vision cannot be delegated.
  10. Flip books are fun!

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