Daily Archives: May 10, 2009


I will be making some changes to the blog.  I haven’t been around for awhile and the lack of consistency has finally annoyed me to the point that I am going to do something about it.  Also, I will be changing the content of the blog and try to become more focussed on what I write about (but no promises!).  So here is a list of what to look forward too:

  • Name – I know, this one doesn’t seem very big, and it isn’t.  Perhaps this one won’t change but I would like to find a name for the blog other than my own.  Any suggestions?
  • Consistency – I will start posting something every Monday and Thursday.  I may post on other days but I am going to try to commit to posting on those two days every week.
  • Content – because of a few things that I will explain in a future post (probably next week) I am going to try to focus my posts on three things:  God/faith/church, coffee, and non-profits.  That is not to say there will be no posts on music or books because that would be impossible!
  • Widgets – I joined Twitter this week.  There are just too many people on there now that I want to follow and it seems that more and more information is being passed on Twitter.  So on the side I added a Twitter widget and it will keep my messages that I post everyday.

Hopefully this will keep things more interesting!



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