Going to Seattle!!!

Remember that post I wrote a couple weeks back titled “My Dream”?  Well its about time I get serious and start working on it!!!  So in addition to starting the business plan this summer I am also going to Seattle.  I have been in contact with Eugene Cho for a couple months now trying to work out a short term internship at a non-profit cafe that he runs in Seattle called Q Cafe.  Q is very similar to what I want to eventually create and so I am going to spend a

Q Cafe
Q Cafe

couple of weeks with his cafe manager and arts director to see how they run things.  Along with being a great place to build community, have great coffee, and listen to music, they also donate 10% of their profits to non-profit groups doing great things all over the world. 

The official time that I will be with the cafe is July 20 – August 3, but I am going to go a week early so I can explore Seattle and get a feel for the great coffee culture there.  So I say all of this to ask a favor of you…does anybody know anyone in Seattle that I could stay with from approximately July 13 – August 3?!?  Just a minor detail that still needs to be worked out!

So this summer is the beginning of a big journey for Amber and I.  We are looking forward to the adventure ahead and praying for God’s will in all of this (so please pray too!).  If you would like to receive a copy of the business plan, that will be ready by the end of the summer, please leave a comment and let me know (this will help me stay accountable too). 

Here’s to a great summer!!!


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11 responses to “Going to Seattle!!!

  1. Matthew Svoboda


    Give me one thing of Cho’s you think I would love for me to read… I know he his, but I have never read anything by him.

  2. Matthew Svoboda

    I take it your not going to go to Mark Driscoll’s church when your in Seattle?


  3. mattbusby

    You know, beleive it or not, I may visit Mars Hill. They probably have a Saturday night service I can check out. I will let you know and maybe I can get you a signature or something 😉

    I would check out this post, mainly for the video.

  4. Hey, I notice there is no “Poetry” in your “Tags”

  5. Matthew Svoboda

    If you end up going to Mars Hill, its too bad you will probably have to look at a video screen! I hate that!

  6. Matthew Svoboda


    I enjoyed the video and I think the campaign is great. But aren’t we missing something if we stop at “Being Jesus” by feeding the hungry? What is the point of that if we are not also “proclaiming Jesus” so that the hungry can also be saved from their sin? I am all for feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, fulfilling Matthew 25, but that certainly is not all there is to it. The problem I have with a lot of Emergents is there tendency to only focus on these things. I rarely hear popular pastors from the Emergent camp talk about preaching the gospel to the nations. I only hear “feed the nations” etc. Isn’t preaching the gospel the most important?

    I know you are not a fan of Evillage, but I do feel that we focus mostly on the gospel and its implications. Primarily being the fact that people need the gospel first and foremost.

  7. Matthew Svoboda

    Don’t misunderstand me though… The church IS called to do all we can to “fulfill Matthew 25” which includes feeding the hungry, etc. But it means nothing if we don’t also try to make those same people be “counted among the righteous” later in Matthew 25.

  8. mattbusby

    But why do you assume that he is leaving proclaiming Jesus out of it? That is what I don’t understand, why do we always have to add that when we are trying to explain a vision to fellow Christians. It should be a given.

    Second, Jesus met the physical needs of people as often as spiritual. When Jesus encountered the POOR (which I emphasize for a reason) he always met the physical needs often before or at the same time as the spiritual needs.
    Now we see a completely different model in Paul, because Paul did not minister to the poor. Instead he went straight to the Temples and places of philosophers. Paul went to people who had everything together EXCEPT their spiritual lives.

    I am just tired of people on both sides thinking these are two different things. This sort of categorization is a result of modernist, logical thinking and is one area where I beleive postmodernism (philosophy) can contribute to Christian thinking. Erase the categories and you have a much more Christlike approach to the world.

  9. Matthew Svoboda

    “That is what I don’t understand, why do we always have to add that when we are trying to explain a vision to fellow Christians. It should be a given.”

    It should be a given. But out of all the Claiborne, Bell, McLaren, sermons I have heard it is never mentioned. How can the most important never be mentioned? In my experience you cannot assume this with the Emergents anymore. They say ‘yes, of course you preach the gospel’ and yet they never talk about it while they dont stop talking about physical needs. Jesus did do both 99% of the time. Yet, Emergents usually only mention half of it… Why is that?

    “I am just tired of people on both sides thinking these are two different things.”

    In a sense they are the same and they are different. They are both one coin, but there are two different sides of the coin. The Emergents often only talk about the Tails side and the Religious Right only talk about the Heads. yes, both are equally wrong and both deserve to be called out.

    Paul didnt focus on the poor? WHat about when they told Paul to remember the poor and he said that was the very thing he was eager to do?

  10. mattbusby

    We really just need to talk about the definition of emergent and who does and does not fit that category.

    With Paul, I didn’t mean to sound as if he ignored the poor. I just mean that when he entered a town he didn’t seek out the proverbial homeless shelter. Instead he visited the temples to share the good news with men who come from a similar class to his own (namely the educated, which was rare relative to today) or, in the case of the Greeks, the court of the philosophers, and you know they didn’t have any physical needs. So Paul naturally focused his message on spiritual needs.

  11. Rob

    uhh…can I interrupt you guys for a second? I’d like to request a copy of the business plan when you’re finished with it. thanks. carry on. 😉

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