Seattle, Prayer, and My Amazing Wife

I am sitting here at a desk in the Hyatt Grand Tampa typing this post thanks to my amazing wife!  After she got off work she came home and blindfolded me and put me in the car for a surprise.  After waiting about five minutes in the car we took off and eventually ended up in the Hyatt Grand parking lot right next to the airport!  She is so wonderful!!!  So instead of spending our last night at home we ate dinner at Maggiano’s, swam in the pool, relaxed in the hot tub, had some beer and desert in the bar during the first two innings of the all star game, and now I am typing this post!

So instead of waking up at 4 am we will not have to get until about 5:15 and I am already checked into my flights for tomorrow.  Amber actually got on earlier and reserved me a window seat for my Miami-Seattle flight – she is so awesome!!!

While we were having dinner Amber gave an appropriate toast to what we hope this trip symbolizes for us.  She said that this trip represented the beginning of our journey to start this coffee house.  So we toasted and I added my amen!

Please pray for my wife and I over the next three weeks.  For me, that God will further burn this passion into my heart and that I will gain wisdom and knowledge.  For Amber and I that our relationship will continue to grow regardless of physical distance.


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3 responses to “Seattle, Prayer, and My Amazing Wife

  1. Matthew Svoboda

    I am sure glad we agree that it is okay to have a beer!

    Have a great time in Seattle.

  2. BEER?!
    I’ll be right there, let me finish this one!

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