Seattle, Coffee, and the Interview

It has been a long time….sorry.  I didn’t intend to not write while I was in Seattle but I didn’t have a card reader and wanted to incorporate pictures into my posts. (Is that a good excuse for my laziness?).  Anyways, almost a month later and I finally have time to sit down and write a little.

So as most of you know I went to Seattle to get my feet wet and learn a little bit more about both the coffee industry and, more specifically, the non-profit cafe.  As far as the coffee aspect goes, my head is still buzzing from more than just the caffiene!  I learned more than I could have imagined.  The guys at Q were able to answer a lot of my questions and just give me more info on the coffee world in general.  I got a chance to talk to each one of them pretty in depth about different subjects -with Jake about the business end, with Matt about more of the supply end as he has a history in that area, and with Josh about latte art and the east coast scene.  Each one of them really helped to teach me how to make the drinks too.  It was kind of a process when it came to the drinks to!  Jake taught me the grind, tamp, and most of the stuff with the espresso.  I spent most of my time with Matt practicing steaming milk (whole, skim, soy, half & half, etc…).  Finally, Josh attempted to give me a crash course in latte art – which was not about to happen in only a couple weeks!

Latte Art - Josh did this, not me!

On the non-profit side of things, I have to give a special thanks to Jake and Eugene at Q Cafe and Summer at the Green Bean Coffeehouse for all their help.  They were really open about some really tough questions and because of that I am much more aware of the strengths and weaknesses of this type of business as I go forward.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting more on my trip.  I will probably split them into three posts:  one on Seattle itself, one on coffee, and one on Mt. Rainer.

Until then, enjoy this video that I was able to do with Eugene, the pastor of Quest Church in Seattle, while I was up there (yeah, I know, I look like a dork!).  Again, thanks to everyone at Q for allowing me to follow them around for a couple of weeks – especially Jake, Matt, and Josh!


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4 responses to “Seattle, Coffee, and the Interview

  1. Hey Matt,

    It’s great to hear about yet another visionary out in the world! I believe we might share a similar vision in that I’m looking into the non-profit cafe world as well. I’d love to hear more about what you’re trying to put together and what steps you’re taking in that process. I’m spending a lot of time developing a non-profit right now. I was very compelled by Eugene’s story because he is doing basically what I would consider my dream jobs, running both a cafe and a non-profit start up. I visited Q Cafe in June on a brief trip to Seattle and loved the layout and mission of the place, and Matt the barista was very friendly and informative for me as well. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to stay very long or learn the ins and outs like you did. Anywho, I’d love to hear about your ideas. Feel free to check out for our non-profit doing work in Rwanda and Swaziland.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Laura Knudson

  2. mattbusby

    Thanks for the response Laura! Right now I am just typing up a description of the business. I was hoping to write an entire business plan over the summer but now I realize that now is not the best time for that step.
    About staying in Seattle, sorry you just had time for a visit. I am fortunate enough to have the summers off because I am a teacher!
    I will check out your site and would be glad to send you a copy of the description when I finish (hopefully sometime next week).

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  4. Matt, I have recently begun thinking about doing something like this in my area in Maryland. I saw your video when I went to the Q Cafe website and saw that you had mentioned to leave a comment on your blog. I would love to know if you had any progress on compiling resources and what recommendations you would suggest someone who is in the beginning stages of an endeavor like this.

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