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Big Move This Week!

At the end of this week Amber and I will be moving to Chattanooga, TN!!!  This is a move that we have thought about for a long time and are now ready to pull the trigger.  So the biggest question we get is why Chattanooga and there isn’t just one answer.

Right from the start we are excited about the city.  It is an old industrial city right on a river that is going through a lot of renovation – from the buildings to the economy (VW just opened a plant there).  Second, the location is superb.  After living in Florida we are too spoiled to being able to drive less than two hours and doing what ever we want (i.e. – here we can go to Disney, the beach, a Rays game – all less than 2 hours away).  In Chattanooga we are within a 2 hour radius of Atlanta, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Nashville, etc…  Third, seasons.  Down here in FL we tell people we want to go back to where it snows and they think we are crazy!  But that is because everyone here is from New York, Michigan, Chicago, and Ohio where it snows for 6 months.  But Amber and I are from Arkansas where we get snow a couple of times a year and that is it.  So, I am sure if I grew up way up north I would stay as far away as possible too.  Finally, it is half the distance to home.  From here in FL we are a 16 hour drive away but from Chattanooga it is only about 8 hours.  Now we can wake up in the morning and be in Mountain Home in time for dinner!

On a sad note – today was our last Sunday at Crosspoint Church.  We moved here 3 years ago to be a part of the Church and it has been quite an adventure!  Amber and I have learned and grown a lot since then and most of the credit has to go to everyone at Crosspoint.  We will certainly miss all of our friends but fully expect them to come and see us soon and often!

Please keep us in your prayers as we will be rolling out of Florida at the end of this week and starting the next journey of our lives in Chattanooga!


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