1 Week in Chattanooga

It has been one crazy first week in Chattanooga!  First of all, we left Spring Hill, FL last Friday night (June 25) after all of our friends helped us pack up the truck and say goodbye.  It was by far the hardest time and I almost cried giving everyone a hug (but not final cause they will all be up here soon!).  We drove to Lake City, FL to stay the night and get up early to push hard to make it to Chattanooga in time to see the USA vs. Ghana match.

Now a little background on our apartment situation.  We thought we had an apartment secured for the move up here.  We had been talking to a great leasing agent at an apartment complex that we found online.  Amber had sent in a holding deposit for the apartment so we assumed it would be waiting for us.  Therefore we changed all of our bills and banking address and gave the address out to all of our friends and family.  Then, two days before we were to leave, we got a call from the apartment complex (from someone other than the leasing agent who was on vacation) telling us that there was something wrong with the apartment and had to move us across the hall.  The situation was annoying but we were still willing to work with it.  We got another phone call as we were packing the truck next Friday informing us that they had to move us again – but this time into a bigger apartment that would be more money!  We pulled into the complex the next day and immediately were uncomfortable with the whole situation.  I had made plans with a friend to see the USA match and while I was there Amber went with our friend Chris to find a new apartment.  Somehow by the time the match was done Amber had already signed the lease on an awesome apartment in North Chattanooga!

So, after that long story, we love our new place and are only a mile from downtown!

Amber’s parents met us here that day and, along with our friends Josh & Ashley, helped us move into the new place.  There was only one problem with the new apartment – it is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom.  So we had to keep stuff piled in the hallway for awhile.

Amber’s parents, Tim & Terry, stayed for a week and we did all the fun tourist stuff in Chattanooga – Rock City, the Incline Railway, drove to all the parks, and ate at the Pickle Barrel!

Yesterday we were able to walk down to Coolidge Park for Pops in the Park – the annual orchestra and fireworks festival in downtown Chattanooga!

Tonight – Chattanooga FC match!!

I will add some photos when I have a better internet connection.  Email me if you do not have our new address.


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2 responses to “1 Week in Chattanooga

  1. Amber

    FC Match – Football Club Match. Chattanooga Football Club is the local soccer team. (thought I’d answer since you asked 2 months ago and still haven’t received an answer!!)

    We’ve lived here for nearing 3 months now… time to update the blog dear!

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