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Small Group + Coffee + Cookies = Outreach!

This is a blog that Wayne wanted me to type up for the church website, so I thought I would post it here as well. It kind of gives you insight into the way that Crosspoint tries to reach out to Spring Hill.

Small Group + Coffee + Cookies = Outreach!

Hello Crosspoint!
As most of you know, small groups are now in full swing and many of you have had the opportunity already this semester to reach out into our community in some act of kindness. We have made a huge commitment to find some way to serve Spring Hill every week this year and so far, in large part through small groups, we have been able to do so. I just want to say thanks to those who have jumped into this with us and if you are in a small group that has served so far then you rock! Hopefully this blog will be an encouragement to everyone involved in outreach, but especially those small groups who have not been able to serve yet!
Amber and I lead the college small group and back when timed jumped ahead we did our outreach project. Taking advantage of the lack of sleep everyone was about to get that night, we decided it would be fun to give everyone coffee for an extra jolt the next morning! So that Saturday our small group gave away single packets of Folgers Coffee outside three of the shopping centers along highway 50 and it was a blast! We would hand people the coffee with an outreach card and told them not to forget to set their clocks forward. People loved it! A lot of them look at us funny at first but then left either smiling or laughing. And, as always, we got the why question quite a bit. We simply told them “We just wanted to show you God’s love in a practical way, no strings attached, and we figured everyone could use some extra caffeine in the morning.” Some people asked more questions and some did not, and that is ok. Now we just have to trust that the Holy Spirit is working in their lives and that He used that interaction to speak into their lives.
This week we also baked cookies. Our small group actually meets in an apartment complex and many of the neighbors see this big group of college kids coming around every week. So we decided to bake cookies for everyone in the apartment complex and invite them to celebrate Easter this Sunday! While the girls cooked, Jonathon Lamb and I delivered. I love seeing the reaction on people’s faces when you give them a gift! People were genuinely thankful and surprised! Better yet, they now all know that we are there and some even expressed interest in coming to the group! It was a simple act, no pressure and no strings, yet we have faith that God spoke into those people’s lives and fulfilled His purpose (Isaiah 55:10-11).
The heart of our small groups must become a reflection of the heart of our church and our first core value is that people matter to God! All people! That means those inside of our walls and those outside. Lets stop waiting for them to come to us and lets take the love and grace of Jesus to them!


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